Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment at Chiropractic Care Center

There are few experiences quite as frustrating as not being able to move your neck without pain. Neck pain is an unfortunate reality for many Americans, and for a variety of reasons. But whatever the underlying musculoskeletal cause of your neck pain, you'll be happy to know that you obtain relief without relying on drugs or risking major surgery. Here at Chiropractic Care Center, we offer natural, conservative neck pin treatment strategies to help you feel like yourself again.

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The Many Causes of Neck Pain

The stack of vertebrae, discs, soft tissues and nerves that make up the neck is vulnerable to a great many potential problems, many of which can cause pain and stiffness. One of the most well-known examples, whiplash, is an acute neck injury that often stems from auto accidents. The forces of an impact throws the head backward and then forward so strongly that the cervical vertebrae and discs may become displaced, causing loss of function and neurological symptoms. Torn neck muscles are another painful consequence.

But you don't have to wreck your car to feel as if you've wrecked your neck. Age-related vertebral joint inflammation, bone spurs, and bulging discs may conspire to give you chronic neck pain. A misalignment between the skull and the neck can produce constant muscle tension and pain. Poor posture at work is another cause of neck pain. Individuals who lean their heads to view mobile devices constantly may develop a postural pain called "text neck."

Non-Invasive Answers From Our Chiropractor in Liberty MO

If you've resisted getting help for your neck pain because you hate the idea of drugs or surgery, stop suffering and come to Chiropractic Care Center. Our chiropractor in Liberty MO, Dr. Timmer, will review your lifestyle, symptoms, and medical history while examining your cervical spine for the underlying cause of your distress. In many cases, cervical chiropractic adjustments can restore joint mobility, easing disc problems, and releasing compressed nerves. Simply straightening the relationship between your head and your neck can relieve chronic muscle tension.

Our clinic also offers other therapies which may be combined into a personalized healing or pain management plan. For instance, acupuncture provides natural pain relief, while corrective exercises can rehabilitate a damaged neck. We can even help you make postural and ergonomic improvements for a more neck-friendly lifestyle.

Get Help for Your Neck -- Call Our Clinic Today

You can't have a happy life without a happy neck, so take a giant step toward neck pain relief today. Call Chiropractic Care Center at 816-781-6556 to schedule an evaluation with our chiropractor in Liberty MO!

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